Activities in and around Pefkos

The clear blue waters of the Aegean are just so tempting … whether you’re a strong swimmer wanting to “do” a couple of miles or really just want to cool down after a spot of sunbathing, Pefkos is hard to beat for swimming opportunities. The best stretches of water for snorkelling are probably the rocky outlet between St Thomas Beach and Plakia Beach and the far end of Lee Beach (especially near the cove where the locals’ fishing boats are moored) although you’ll see tiny fish pretty much everywhere. There are also little coves and outlets all the way along the coast; the best place to look for fish is usually close to rocks where they can dart in and out.

You can cast a line from pretty much anywhere on shore and it won’t take long for something to bite; if you have Greek friends ask them for their special bait recipe (everyone has their own secret ingredient) and then get them to fry up your catch for you. You can hire a small boat complete with fishing tackle from the watersport centre on Lee Beach and in recent years there have been various fishing trips which you can book locally.

There is plenty to explore around Pefkos; depending on the time of year you visit you will see a variety of wild plants, flowers, herbs and bushes as soon as you stray off the main road. There are even some rare orchids which are to be found nowhere else in the world apart from in and around Pefkos but these bloom mainly outside the holiday season. Many birds migrate along a route which comes close to Pefkos so you may also see some unusual species as well as those you’re familiar with. Some birds of prey nest on the Marmari hillside so watch out for those too.


As well as appreciating the beautiful sea views obvious from pretty much anywhere in Pefkos, it’s a real pleasure to just stroll along in the sunshine; although make sure you take water with you if you’re planning on wandering further afield.

For the adventurers amongst you, just recently there have been some rock climbing routes made on the hills locally!

You will need a guide to find these routes and to accompany you whilst climbing. It is possible to hire equipment; please mail us at

The coastal road goes all the way to Rhodes Town in the north and in the other direction to Prassonisi at the very south of the island so if you have a bike with you there’s nothing to stop you clocking up a 100km or so! Pefkos to Lardos is a pretty level ride of a few kilometres but Pefkos to Lindos is a bit more challenging!

There are a couple of local scuba diving schools with professionally qualified instructors. As long as you’re fit and well you can do a brief course leading up to your first dive and if you’re an experienced diver you can book a more advanced course.

There’s a small watersport facility on Lee Beach although you’ll need to go further afield for windsurfing and sailing.

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