Who are we and what do we do?

“MyPefkos” is a team of local businessmen who are dedicated to keeping the village of Pefkos a holiday destination which we all love! We are proud of our village and strive to keep Pefkos a safe, clean and beautiful place using our own hearts, hands and money. Throughout the year we undertake various clean up projects, safety and maintenance projects; provide new services and support and fund local charities. Pefkos is one of a large number of smallish Greek summer holiday resorts on the Greek mainland and islands. It has been popular with holidaymakers for over 20 years; mainly because of its picturesque setting, fabulous weather, amazing beaches and hospitable hosts. Pefkos has a large number of friends from other countries who visit on an annual basis, regarding it as their home from home. Pefkos, like many Greek island resorts, offers visitors a selection of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and cafes, owned and operated by locals. What is very different about Pefkos is that, instead of sitting around talking about the financial crisis and the fallout of the political climate, we as business owners have combined forces to actually do something to make things better in “our” area. The team has chosen to call itself “MyPefkos” because this is what Pefkos is to us: we either grew up here or spent large parts of our childhoods here, we choose to earn our livelihoods here and want to keep Pefkos in the best condition possible for us, our visitors, for our families and your families and our families’ families … MyPefkos has a mission and that mission is to make Pefkos a better place; with our own hands, our own money and our own team efforts.

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If you would like to volunteer to help with any of our out-of-season projects please contact us via our facebook page or let us know at info@mypefkos.com

If you would like to get involved or help with any of our projects (or something you have thought of yourself) during the summer holiday season please contact us via our facebook page or talk to one of the team members in Pefkos or mail us at info@mypefkos.com

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Pefkos is located on the eastern coast of Rhodes, 4km south of Lindos and 50km from the island’s capital, Rhodes Town

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